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Our local team of San Diego social media marketers will help you build and maintain your small business' social media marketing, keeping it fresh and up-to-date.

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$399 w/Ad Spend


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$524 w/Ad Spend


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$649 w/Ad Spend


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$950 w/Ad Spend


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$1,850 w/Ad Spend
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Customizable Package?  

We're here to help grow your small business or organization, so every package is fully customizable to meet your needs.

The packages shown are simply those most commonly used.

Social Media Accounts  

The number of social media networks for your small business.

Outlets to choose from: Facebook (Learn More), Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Yelp & YouTube. Not sure? Talk to us!

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Facebook Twitter Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Twitter LinkedIn +1

Content Promotion on Facebook

This refers to promoting yours posts via Facebook's paid "Boost Post" feature.

Boosting a post ensures your followers and/or new people from your target audience are exposed to your content. We'll help you setup the right target audience to promote your content to.

Suggested Facebook AD Spend

Facebook's algorithm limits yours posts to be seen by 6 to 8% of your followers on their homepage. To reach the rest of your followers and additional people in your target audience, you must invest in promoting your content.

The monthly suggested AD spend is the minimum dollar amount we believe you should invest with Facebook to generate engagement and reach your audience. This amount is NOT included in our monthly fee. Learn more about post's reach.

$100/Month $125/Month $150/Month $200/Month $400/Month

Setup & Design

For each social media network chosen, we'll design and customize your page to match your brand's elements/colors + create one cover/background graphic (where available).

Strategy Development  

Social Media strategy consultation, development of marketing campaign for 6-12 months and industry & keyword research.

Content & Posts  

Number of content posts, tweets, pins or shares depending on the media network.

Each post may include a title, short description, thumbnail image and/or links.

20/month 15/mo/network 15/mo/network 20/mo/network 30/mo/network

User Interactions

Once we start to share content with your users, you'll receive likes, shares and most importantly comments.

Those comments may include questions, praises or complaints. We monitor and respond to users on your behalf to keep them happy and interacting.

5/week 3/week 15/week 3/day (21/week) As needed

Content Research  

We don't just post random stuff, we make sure we take the time to research your industry, trends, competition and find what's the best items to share.
45 min/week 30 min/week 45 min/week 60 min/week 120 min/week
Monthly Client Conference

Key Performance Metrics Reports 

We show you how your social media campaigns are doing, so you have a clear monthly understanding of where your company stands in your social strategy.

Content Development & Writing

A key element of your social media strategy must be the creation of new, original and valuable content that shows your users your company's expertise in your industry - proving to them why they should trust you and your products. Each Blog/Article written is a minimum of 600 words.
2/Month 4/month

Press Releases  

A formal and popular way to develop articles and content is through press releases, where you can promote and inform the world about your latest updates and products.

Custom-made graphics  

Graphics may be designed for your website or social media page and can include monthly promotions, new products ADs, etc. Maximum size 6x9".
1/Month 2/Month

Social Promotion  

Social campaign across various media networks that connects individuals with a special promotion and gathers their opinions and thoughts.

Social Contest  

Social media contest that involves all your fans and followers (from one or more accounts) and allows them to participate in exchange for a price or recognition. 

Social Sweepstakes  

Give something away through a digital sweepstakes where users must sign-up or "Like you" to participate. Promote a special prize or reward for participating
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= Item not included in package, but may be added for an additional fee.