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Project Manager for Digital Marketing & Web/Graphic Design

Position: Project Manager

Please read this entire job posting in its entirety. Failure to do so will mean you will not be considered.

This position will have various responsibilities including overseeing design quality. If you are an experienced visual designer and looking to upgrade your career by overseeing other designers under you, this may be a great opportunity.

Job Description:


We’re seeking a project manager to support our managing our client’s web design, branding and marketing projects. The ideal project manger is an enthusiastic, highly motivated professional with strong organization skills, writing skills, detail-oriented, multi-tasker, enjoys continual learning, and wants to get experience working at a digital agency and loves helping clients succeed.

You should have the ability to engage with our clients and internal team over the phone, and have a willingness to develop a relationship with them while figuring out a way to help them navigate through the design process of their project they hired our company to do.

As one of our project managers, you will be integral team member, and you’ll be responsible for handling all the day-to-day communication and tasks needed to be completed for each project, in order to deliver on our promise of high-quality, professional work.

Minimum Skills Required

  • 3+ Years of project management of digital marketing, web/graphic design projects
  • Have excellent English writing skills, basically as a native English speaker (95% correct)
  • You’re able to handle the stress of managing multiple marketing projects at once.
  • Professional phone, email and personal skills.
  • Proficient in using a CRM system (We use AgileCRM) and all of it’s related activities: Saving new contacts, creating tasks, assigning tasks, following up with tasks, writing down notes, etc.
  • Proficient in using a project management system, we use ActiveCollab (Like Trello.com). If you’ve never used a project management system, please don’t apply.
  • Ability to learn new information and new tools quickly and efficiently. Self-learner, Self-starter who can find out online just about anything while conducting Internet research.
  • Demonstrate strong performance in prior roles with outstanding execution, problem-solving skills, resourcefulness, and creativity
  • Highly organized and able to multitask
  • Pays Strong attention to detail and very deadline sensitive and task-oriented
  • Interested in helping clients succeed 

Ideal Qualifications

  • Ideally has a Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing and/or holds a technical certifications.
  • Is super tech savvy and easily gets around online tools.
  • Prior experience in working at a marketing agency or creative shop is a plus.
  • Passionate about marketing, entrepreneurship, and technology
  • Is bilingual in Spanish and English, as half our team speaks Spanish.

Tasks & Job Duties


Project Management tasks you’ll be responsible for you:

Coordinate the complete development of the entire project mentioned above, from start to finish. Which includes some of the following tasks:

  • Be the main point of contact between the client and the Bloominari team.
  • Communicate with the client and our team from the beginning till the end of the project (until completed and approved by client), primarily via phone, e-mails, SMS, and when needed in person (limited meetings in person, based on the size of the project).
  • Be available to stay in touch with client for 30 days past the completion date of the project, in case any minor changes are still required.
  • Gather all the necessary resources and content from the client, including text, images, video, audio, etc. When needed, you shall also be able to talk to the client over the phone to discuss his/her needs and make notes on the summary and action points required by the client.
  • All notes, content, and updates about the project should be noted on the project management system (ActiveCollab)
  • Use your personal creativity, criteria, and business experience to help the client make the right choices for his project, including recommending things as necessary. When you don’t know what to recommend, feel free to ask help from the Bloominari team.
  • Be able to resolve any conflicts, project management issues, or any other things that arise as part of the project management of this project, and be able to resolve the conflict/issue between the client and our team.
  • Provide input, ideas, creative direction, comments, etc based on the goal of helping the client’s project successfully.
  • When necessary, you’ll be responsible for helping the client in choosing the right/appropriate stock photos to match his/her project from our stock library at www.123rf.com.
  • You’ll be responsible for creating a new project on our project management system (ActiveCollab.com), and create list of task for every person involved in the project.
  • If necessary, you’ll be responsible for uploading all big files to Dropbox or Google drive.
  • Anything else that you believe that in your professional opinion is important to do in order to keep the project running smoothly to be completed successfully.


Weekly Tasks

  • Communicate with the client at least once a week over e-mail, by phone, or both.
  • At times, communication over the phone may be necessary more than once a week, but should not exceed 3 times per week.
  • Most weekly communication (during the entire week) should be primarily by e-mail, ActiveCollab tasks, or another form of written communication (Telegram, Whatsapp, or SMS).
  • As necessary, you'll be responsible for the management of all tasks of the project on the project management system: Including adding tasks, assigning new tasks, deleting tasks, adding comments/notes to tasks, uploading new documents, marking tasks as completed, etc. The idea is to ensure that all tasks shown on the system are mostly "pending" items that are not completed yet, except for tasks shown on the "Resources" list.
  • As needed, you’ll be responsible for updating the “Due dates” of all tasks which were not completed on time, and where a new due date is required.
  • On a weekly basis, you’ll be responsible for sending out 1 email per week to remind the client of any pending tasks assigned to Client that must be completed or provided by the Client in order to keep the project on-time for completion. 

Most importantly, you'll be assigned project management courses and/or books to learn additional project management skills

  • Courses are provided to you at our expense. We want you to be the best project manager in the room!
  • Your continuing education is to be completed outside of work hours, and is not paid.


Job Details

  • Hours required: 10-20 per week, with potential for full time (40 hours).
  • Compensation: Based on experience and project size, paid on a per-project basis. Nothing is paid per hour. We normally pay 50% upfront, and 50% when you complete the project
  • Work Hours: We’re very flexible, yet you’d need to be awake and working for at least 4 hours during our regular business hours of M-F, 9am to 6pm (California time)
  • Location: All of the work may be done remotely, yet if you’re in San Diego, you’ll be required to visit our physical office. 
  • Communication: You must have access to great Internet connection, Video calling required. We also expect you to use our instant messaging platform called Telegram.org.

How to Apply

Fill out our job application online: 

Apply for Job Now

Please don’t send your CV by email. Your first test is seeing if you follow directions ;-)


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