About Bloominari

Bloominari Team Holiday Party 2015Bloominari is a full service, small business marketing agency that uses a variety of online marketing strategies to enhance businesses’ online image, generate leads and make businesses bloom. We love to help growing businesses and they love our results.

Located in San Diego, California, we are a leading bilingual digital marketing company in the area providing business strategy, marketing, content and design solutions for small businesses nearby and throughout the country. Our firm’s passion for consulting, design, technology, working with people, and exploring the complex realm of doing business in today’s world is what drives the team to constantly seek innovative ways to help companies embrace change, grow and succeed.

Our team has the creative ideas, the ambitious drive and the know-how that only comes with more than a decade of experience. We are proud to have been helping growing businesses bloom since 2003. And now we are passing along our expertise to you via this brochure!

We would love to help you with your business goals or marketing visions!


Creativity, Curiosity & Challenge

Our story begins a few years after human birth, in the right side of a brain, when a very interesting ability called creativity was born. Creativity is the ability to generate new ideas or thoughts using our imagination, and imagination is the driver of innovations and unexpected ways of thinking. So why did our story start with creativity? Because at our company and team’s core, it’s all about being creative and using design thinking to provide solutions to our client’s needs.

More specifically, our story begins when our founder Jaime Nacach decided to use the creativity that he had always expressed while growing up on a more modern challenge. At age 17, in the summer of 2002 he decided to use his creativity to completely re-design and re-develop his high school’s website. So he spent three months working on a new graphic web design for the website, organizing the original website’s content, shooting lots of school photographs, and creating much more new content. He then transformed the graphic design into a web-ready format and began building the school’s future new site. 

Although this was an unsolicited project, upon returning to school as a Senior Jaime decided to present the project to the school’s principal and suggested that the new website be used to replace the existing one. Impressed by the new website, its new features and fresh new design, the principal asked Jaime to prepare a presentation to the school’s board in order to get their approval. Pleasantly surprised, Jaime presented his new website, the board approved and the website was replaced. As part of the associated student body (ASB), Jaime maintained the website on a daily basis, interacted with staff and teachers and ensured every student had access to the academic and social information they needed for a great high school experience.

A year after graduation, upon the return of a gap year abroad, Jaime was recommended by a school’s friend for building a business website, giving birth to Bloominari. Since 2003 Bloominari has been offering small businesses and organizations with marketing, design and strategy consulting services to help them ensure growth and success. A few years ago, Jaime joined forces with other successful entrepreneurs to be able to offer a more complete range of services for small businesses in San Diego. Today, we ensure our creativity continue to present itself in everything we do.

Our Vision

Bloominari’s vision is to provide unique and state-of-the-art marketing services to our clients by acting as an extension of our clients’ companies, supplying the same level of care and high-quality service as hired employees.

We will be a thought leader for helping small and medium-sized companies grow quickly without the high costs of an internal marketing team or a traditional agency. As champions of both online technologies and creativity, we will use a combination of the latest marketing software, online solutions and proven marketing tactics to assist our clients in achieving their marketing and sales goals. This will be accomplished thanks to our ever-growing, diverse team’s expertise, communication and collaboration.

Our Mission

Bloominari’s mission is to guide and support our clients’ overall online success with customized automation technologies and other online marketing solutions. We will accomplish that by strengthening our clients’ online image, building brand awareness, maximizing lead generation and building strong customer relationships. Our full service agency takes care of the behind-the-scenes work to unveil our clients as the heroes.