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10 Less “Heard-of” Reasons You Should Advertise on Facebook

Facebook is powerful, and you should use it to your advantage! For the right brand, it can be the ultimate resource.

The audience is definitely there, and with the unique targeting options available, you can probably hone in on your audience.

Read on for 10 less heard-of reasons you should advertise on Facebook!

1. Multiple formats

With Facebook advertising, you have the option to use typical ads or promoted posts. Ads can take on video, multiple images and more as well. Use promoted posts to “boost” your typical Newsfeed posts. They’re great for key content, promotions or anything else that you feel deserves more of a “story” than an ad. Also, Promoted Posts can take less planning than a full advertising campaign. If you have a new eBook launching, or registration is opening, boost that Promoted Post--it’s definitely worth even $5. When it comes to the rest of advertising, Facebook offers up multiple types of ads, including Newsfeed ads (same as Promoted Posts), right-hand side ads, mobile newsfeed ads and now, even Instagram ads. Though it may seem like nobody is clicking on the sidebar ads, sources still say they are successful if offering up a quick message and call-to-action.

2. Behavorial Targeting

Not only by typical demographics, geography and interests, but also by behavior.

Think about it… Facebook is connected to millions of applications on the web and mobile phones. Within Facebook’s custom audience targeting, you have behavioral options as well. This is definitely a unique niche of Facebook that you can’t find on just any platform.

3. Custom Audiences

Do you have an email list or event list from a recent event? Upload it and create a custom audience! You can target these people while they’re on Facebook. Warm leads in a good environment for clicks, reads and opportunity: perfect!

4. Retargeting

You can also retarget on Facebook if you have a pixel set up to track web activity. Hit past web visitors, who are definitely a warm audience, on the perfect platform and at one of the times they’re probably most open while browsing the net.

5. Lookalike Audiences

Use Facebook’s algorithm to expand your custom audience. You set the increase, so you also control how niche the targeting may be.

6. Audience Insights.

By using audience insights you can learn about who is interacting with your ad. Not only will you learn more about your most engaged audience’s age, habits and device, but you can see what type of messaging may appeal most to them.

7. A/B Testing.

This may seem out there, but some like to boast simple A/B testing via social. Unsure which subject line to use in your next blog post? Start utilizing some key words and messaging phrases in your boosted posts or ads -- you’ll start to see which your audience most respond to. An engaged social media fan base can tell you a lot about your target market! Even try testing imagery as well.

8. Efficient cost.

Facebook advertising is set at a pretty fair cost, and you can end up getting quite a lot of exposure for your money. Think about it: with Facebook ads, it’s not just about pay-per-click anymore, you’re also getting new Likes, overall engagement, and an increase in activity--all more of what you want and need.

9. Multiple goal settings.

One of the coolest things about Facebook advertising is the fact that you can have multiple goals and pay options. Go for web clicks if you want activity, conversions if you have a set measurable goal and Likes if you’re introducing a page. When it comes to how you pay, pay for impressions if you’re after branding, and clicks if you want to convert your audience. 

10. Advanced Business Advertising Platform & Professional Tools!

Have you ever heard about Facebook's "Power Editor"?, probably not unless you're a marketing agency.

Online marketing agencies like ours , and serious businesses who want to take Facebook advertising to the next level use the "Business Manager" platform. This advanced, business-focused advertising platform can be found at https://business.facebook.com and allows its users to manage multiple AD accounts, multiple Facebook pages, provides a better way to assign and manage people into various roles (account admins, editors and managers), manage partner relationships, Instagram ADs, projects and much more.

Additionally, one great perk of using the Power Editor, which is the advanced Facebook AD creation tool, is that you can actually write more text in your AD's headline, description and text. I'm sure lots of people would love this feature, as the regular ADs creator tightly limits how many characters you can write on a regular AD.

So there you have it, what will your next digital campaign entail?

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