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Bloominari is the first US-based Agile CRM Certified Partner!

San Diego, California - Bloominari, a digital marketing agency located in Southern California, is very happy and excited to announce that they are the first US-based company to receive an official Agile CRM partner certification and badge. The company has successfully completed the Agile CRM partner training, and is now ready to help businesses who are looking for professional support, consulting, implementation and training of Agile CRM’s software.

Additionally, Bloominari will also offer the service of setting up, integrating, and customizing most Agile CRM’s native (built-in) applications with third party software, as well as integrating with more than 750 non-native applications via Zapier.com.

Bloominari will help businesses of any size to create the perfect software stack by combining Agile CRM as the headquarters of a company’s web-based operations, with additional SaaS (software as a service) software. This will help businesses expand the standard features and functionality of Agile CRM, helping companies meet most of their needs.

What is Agile CRM?

Agile CRM is a small and medium business web-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and automation software solution that helps companies “Sell & Market Like the Fortune 500.” It is the perfect solution for small companies that are looking for the best value for their marketing dollars and return on investment (ROI) for a CRM software solution.

Official Agile CRM Certified Partner Badge Some of the most important reasons for small businesses to consider Agile CRM as their CRM and automation software solution of choice include the following:

3 Reasons to Choose Agile CRM

1. All-in-One CRM
Automate your sales, marketing, and service/help desk in one unified platform. Avoid important data lost between multiple systems, and enable consistent messaging throughout your business activities.

2. Truly Affordable
Make the most of Agile's modern features & integrations, easy implementation and great support at an affordable price. Pricing starts at just $10 per user per month, when prepaid for one year (Or $15/user/month when paid monthly). That’s the best value ever!

3. Modern, Next-Generation Software
Agile CRM is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a service) that is mobile-ready, fast, and super simple to use. We’re confident you’ll love their interface from day one.

Learn more about Agile CRM, or explore their specific sales features, marketing features or service and help desk features.

Business Optimization Through Technology

CRM + Sales & Marketing Automation Services by Bloominari.

technology solutions crmBloominari is a digital agency that is committed to always staying ahead of the curve.  Through this new partnership with Agile CRM, our company will continue to provide our customers with the latest advantages, tips and hacks in today’s best technology and online solutions.

What is Business Optimization Through Technology?

Optimization is about doing something, such as a task or process, more efficiently and effectively. The goal of optimization is to achieve higher results with the same resources, or to use fewer resources by utilizing a better process.

In our case, we refer to business optimization through technology as a way of using technology (web-based tools, systems, widgets, workflows, etc) to optimize how a business entity operates internally within the company, as well as externally with other people or entities (customers, leads, partners, etc).

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management, and it is usually a software system used to manage your sales process. Today, most CRMs are web-based and just require a username and password to login and have full access. Think of a CRM as your modern “Excel”  contacts database. But it’s much easier and faster to use.

What is Sales & Marketing Automation?

CRM automation agile crm technology digitize everythingToday, many web-based CRMs have chosen to integrate additional sales and marketing related features to help businesses grow faster using digital automation – which is about automating many repetitive tasks. Automation helps you save time and money, so you can focus on growing your business, rather than spending time just managing it.

Core Sales & Marketing Business Optimization Services:

Using a CRM, Automation Technology and Software Stack Integrations

1. Business Optimization Consulting
Our team will take a deep look at how your organization is working, how they manage various processes, how they gather, save and retrieve information, and see where there is room for improvement. We help you define a strategy to help optimize various part of your day-to-day business tasks.

2. Building your digital headquarters:
The perfect Software Stack for your business will use multiple web-based systems, which are interlaced through various integrations. The CRM is usually your system’s headquarters, and the rest of the systems connect to your CRM to add additional functionality and/or access to more information.

3. Technology Training
One-on-one training to help your organization use your new digital headquarters efficiently. We will help you understand all of it’s components, capabilities and best practices.

4. CRM + Automation Support
You’re likely going to have questions on how to best do X, or Y, or how to integrate and implement a new workflow, integrate a new application into your stack, etc. Our goal is your true success, so our team is there to help you to slowly move into today’s modern business age.

Learn more about our Technology Solutions & Automation Services

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NEW Agile CRM Sales & Marketing Services

Business Process Automation & Technology Optimization

  • CRM & software stack strategy & consulting
  • Agile CRM solutions consulting
  • Agile CRM account setup and full customization
  • Agile CRM client on-boarding and training
  • Agile CRM certified on-going support and maintenance services
  • Agile CRM marketing, sales and services workflows and automations setup

About Bloominari

Bloominari is a San Diego-based marketing and design agency delivering affordable and effective solutions for businesses through creative design, strategic planning and web-based technologies. Our success stems from developing intimate, face-to-face relationships with our clients and diving deep into their challenges, goals and aspirations. We have a carefully crafted a team of driven individuals each with a unique skillset of marketing talents.

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