Cosette Oropeza

Cosette Oropeza

Cosette brings to Bloominari her passion for helping small and medium enterprises on how to initiate and grow their businesses. Throughout her career and work experience in Mexico and the USA, Cosette has learned what it takes to turn ideas  into reality through the project design and management process.
During her time in the USA, she joined the Organization of American States in order to strengthen their educational programs, while concurrently obtaining her MBA at Johns Hopkins University. Upon completing her studies in the US, Cosette moved back to Monterrey Mexico, eager to join strategic partnerships that would allow her to coordinate programs focused on helping to develop a vibrant economic environment in the Latin American Region.
Tecnológico de Monterrey - a renowned Mexican university - took interest in her and made her the university's programs manager. She coordinated the design and development of multiple online platforms to support the operation of training programs tailored to business leaders, while also extensively traveling through Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Additionally, Cossette has also had the opportunity to work with marketing directors from global companies, such as FedEX, Cemex, Microsoft, Google, and BBV Bancomer in support of nationwide marketing strategies.
At Bloominari, she found a hands-on account management role that gets her closer to business leaders and allows her to share her expertise in business, marketing, and communication strategies.
Monday, 02 May 2016 20:46

Understanding the Marketing Plan

Keeping track of marketing efforts is essential for every business.  Doing so produces a guided track to visualize the company’s strategies and illustrates how it plans to achieve goals and objectives. One of the most popular ways companies accomplishes this is by creating a marketing plan.

According to William M. Pride, "the Marketing Plan is a written document or blueprint governing all of a firm's marketing activities, including the implementation and control of those activities."


Before deciding on investing in a new website,  don’t forget to do your research.  Your goal is to build an attractive, informative, fresh, and easy-to-remember site.

Keep in mind that your site is one of the most important marketing tools you have.  It’s the tool that helps you inform your clients, connect with them, and sell your products.