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Bloominari has reached the first page on Google's search!

Yep, Bloominari made it to Google's 1st page!

Getting to the first page of Google's search results is the goal of most online marketing strategies, and we'd like to share this mini celebration with you.

Bloominari can now be found on Google's first page for a few of our industry's keywords, and that's a reason to celebrate!

Getting here is no easy task, and it has taken over 10 months of hard work, dedication, the creation of lots of valuable information for our target audience through our blog, and other search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. 

Website's Ranking Factors

Search engine rankings change very often based on many factors, including the keywords searched for, the website's actual content, backlinks to a website (external links to a website), how often you update a website with new content, the age of your domain, the amount of pages you have, the relevancy of the content to the search terms, and tons of other items. Yet the goal for every digital marketer is to be able to increase a website's natural search ranks (non-paid results) in order to increase it's chances of being found by potential clients without having to pay for ADs.

It's Just the Beginning

Today, almost a year after founding Bloominari online, our company has finally reached our goal of optimizing our website to be found on Google's first page. But the journey doesn't end here, in fact it's just beginning, as our goal is to rank on Google's first page for the most amount of relevant keywords for our industry. The competition for appearing high on Google's results is very fierce for the marketing and design industry, as there are literally hundreds or thousands of marketing agencies and firms in San Diego offering many of the same services our company offers.

We're a young company with a team of marketing experts and entrepreneurs who are super passionate about their work, marketing, technology, design and helping clients improve their company's visibility and sales through the Internet.

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