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How to Capture Leads Using Facebook in 3 Easy Steps

Hands down, the most cost/effective way to generate revenue for a small business is to use online advertising. In this article, we’ll specifically talk about how to use Facebook via paid advertising in order to generate leads.

You may have read about “online sales funnels” and “lead capturing” techniques, but how exactly do they work? In this article, I’m going to explain how to set-up a lead capturing funnel just 3 easy steps.

1. It all starts with a Facebook Ad.

The first thing you need to do is create a Facebook Ad campaign. The goal of each ad will be to drive traffic to a landing page. You may also use Facebook’s “Boost post” feature, but this is not as effective as doing a regular Facebook AD, as the standard tool for choosing your “target audience” through a boosted post isn’t as detailed.

Items to consider when building your Facebook Advertisement (Ad)

  • Be sure to target the appropriate audience for your product/service
  • Include links to the landing page
  • Convey your message in a simple and direct way
  • Include a clear Call-to-Action button (Such as “Contact Us”, “Learn More”, etc)
  • Assign a budget that’s small or large enough to target and reach your desired audience.

Here´s an example of such an ad:

Facebook ad imagen 1

When you click on it, it will lead you to…

2. The Landing Page

Landing pages are at the heart of this lead generation strategy. They must offer something that is valuable enough for a Facebook visitor to quit navigating their social feed and take action.

Think of coupons, promotions, an e-book, checklist, or PDF with useful information - something related to your product or service – such as “Top 10 ways to do X and achieve Y”.

The whole point of the page is to collect information that will allow us to capture user data, such as their name and email address so that we can communicate with them later on.

Once the user fills in their contact information, they´ll get something from you.   

Here you can see the landing page the Facebook ad directed me to:

Lead pages imagen 2

Example of landing page by Jeffrey Hudson:

Another landing page example created for FreshBreak, a Bloominari client.


Some examples of landing page offerings:

  • E-book or whitepaper
  • Discount coupon/voucher
  • Contest entry
  • Free trial
  • Free consultation for professional services
  • A physical gift
  • Notification of a future product launch
  • Webinar registration


  • The quicker the sign-up process, the  higher the probability of users going through with it.
  • Ask for the minimum amount of information. A first name and email will suffice in most cases, but you may need a little more depending on what you are trying to sell. Just remember, keep it as short and straightforward as possible.
  • Be sure to embed a retargeting pixel on your landing page. This is a section of code that  will allow you to retarget users automatically with an ad if they do not convert on the initial landing page.

3. Automated Email Marketing.

An email marketing campaign is key to finalizing the conversion process and turning leads into sales.

If you use a landing page with an integrated online marketing service such as Leadpages, the names may automatically be exported to MailChimp and other E-mail marketing or CRM software. Moreover, if your service has an integrated CRM, such as AgileCRM, you´ll be able to automate your responses.

The course of action you take with the campaign depends on your strategy.

Ideas of how to follow-up with users via E-mail:

  • Deliver the promised item, PDF, coupon, etc. (Well, this you must do)
  • Send valuable information which will create further engagement with your brand. Such as additional links to blog posts, videos or other valuable PDFs.
  • Push them to take action immediately, by offering them another incentive or limited time access to a product/service.
  • Direct them to another channel, which will reinforce your message

Here you can see the email I received after submitting my name and email on a landing page.

Email imagen 3

At first, they are offering me a free training session… However, at the end of the email, they are trying to sell their services as well.

Email imagen 4

By combining three powerful online marketing tools –Facebook Ads, Lead Pages and email campaigns, you´ll be able to engage a targeted audience and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

In Summary: 3 Steps to generate leads using Facebook:

  1. Create a Facebook advertisement campaign (or boost a post)
  2. Send users to a landing page, where you can collect at least their e-mail address
  3. Create an E-mail system to automatically reply to your users upon filling out the form.

This all sounds easy to do, but certainly take time and thought to do. It’s not hard if you’re willing to invest the time to do this. If you’re not sure how to start, or need someone’s help, feel free to contact our marketing team and we´ll help you figure out if this is the right strategy for your business.

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