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5 Sneaky Content Creations to Build Your Database

In the past, it was a flyer handed out to be saved on your target consumer’s fridge--or a magazine tear out. Nowadays, it’s email. Emails are a precious commodity, and your email list, a treasure chest of leads, data, and information to glean for your best marketing campaign yet.

Even more precious are the many tips and tricks to get your prospective customer’s email address. Just like magic, if you do it well and do it right, you’ll be watching your database grow and your potential sales and conversions soar.

So just how do you go about gathering those email addresses? Read on for our Sneaky 5 Content Creations:

1. Single-Page PDF

This is the grandfather of content, simply one of the oldest forms of content marketing around. But it still works, especially in the right situation! If you have a great one sheet of Top Ten Tips or Five Takeaways (you get the idea!) this is one of the best forms of content to 1. Hook people into and 2. Market. So tips and top ten’s aside, it’s just that easy: this is not only one of the catchiest forms of content, but one of the fastest for download.

TIP: Generate an attractive and high-design cover to post with your promotions, landing page and the like.

2. E-Book

Another great informative piece is an ebook. Write up a mini ebook, a portion of a larger sell-able piece, or a quick teaser that will get your audience hooked. Maybe you want them to read it and sign onto your services. Or maybe you have an e-Book library and are hoping they’ll purchase more. Make your e-Book readable, digestible and design-friendly, and you’ve got an evergreen piece of content on your hands.

TIP: Post snippets of the ebook, charts, and infographics get extra thumbs-up!

April18 viaBusiness2Community

Via Business 2 Community

3. Images

Maybe you’re a designer, artist or photographer… and you have some easy downloadable jpg’s or fun illustration files on-hand. Not to mention, they’re very visual and an easy road to marketing well. Show your audience you know them and their style, and you’ll have them on your list faster than you can say “save the file as…”

TIP: Show completed work of the images or illustrations. Inspire your potential email give-away-ers!

4. Interviews and/or Exclusives

Maybe you got to meet with an industry thought leader or had the chance to listen to their keynote at the last conference. As long as you have permission, of course, generate your takeaways into a great content piece. Others that missed out will be curious and wanting more…

Tip: Photos are great! Also, in your promotions, tag their Twitter handle, etc. to really show the credibility of the piece.


Via Business2Community


Are you great at something that can help others? Maybe you have a genius ability with IFFTT, or a weird organizational habit with Evernote that you think others could catch onto. Write it up into a teachable content piece, post it for download via email submission and just wait for the “Submits.” In this age of unlimited choices and constant learning, everyone loves learning new ways to do everything.

TIP: Testimonials are awesome here! Include show quotes that really get to the point of why your piece is stellar.

So there you have it. Make sure to share your content with us: @Bloominari! And if you need some brainstorming juice to rev up the content writing, check out some brainstorming techniques to make you a creative genius!

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