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The Most Effective Way to Optimize Your Business Through Automation

Over the years, as automation became popular, marketers tagged it “robotic.”

You have probably read articles where the authors talked about how automation lacks the emotion that's important in human interactions. But these criticisms are unjustified!

With automation, marketers don't need to engage in tasks that are time and energy consuming. In the Automation in the Workplace 2017 report, 59% of respondents estimated they could save 6 or more hours a week when repetitive tasks are done by automation.

Apart from this, automation eliminates human errors and makes important information available in order to turn prospects into customers and serve current customers better.

But in what ways does automation improve your business? Let’s consider a few ways:

1. Initiate Customer Retention Programs

It’s a lot of hard work to gain customers for your business. But having a customer now doesn't mean you have them forever.

Customers leave businesses every time when they encounter poor service from you or better offers from your competitors.

Retaining customers is a vital part of building lifelong customers that trust your brand. When you consider that a 10% increase in customer retention could yield a 30% rise in the value of your company and that repeat customers spend 33% more than existing ones, then customer retention is a no-brainer.

Customers Current Sales

When customers are going through your sales cycle again, marketing automation software can recommend opportunities for cross-selling or up-selling based on a customer's purchase history.

Your past data on a customer means a marketing automation tool can personalize your service for your customers, and thus improve their satisfaction.

But what if your customer abandons their cart at the point of buying products? Your automation platform will trigger an abandoned cart campaign to get them to buy the products.

This could be in the form of reminders to the customer, followed by discounts to bring back the customer. You can also send a survey to these customers after a while to know why they abandoned their carts.

For their cart abandonment email automation, Right Channel Radios had 3 emails in the sequence.

Right Channel Radios

The first was to remind the customer about their cart, the second email asked them to finish their purchase, and the third email offered a discount for them to complete their purchase.

With this automation, they recovered between 3% and 11% of abandoned carts each month.

Recovered Chart

These customer retention programs are more effective and less prone to human errors that can lose your business valuable customers.

2. Fully Automated Welcome Programs

For leads who have just subscribed to your email list, you need to nurture them until they’re ready to become customers. According to a study by MarketingSherpa, 61% of B2B marketers send all their leads to sales. Meanwhile, only 27% of those leads are sales-qualified.

Leads to sales

With automated welcome emails, you can get to know the type of content your leads prefers to interact with and the pages they visit on your website. This type of messages helps you to detect the level of interest of each lead in your product.

When you’re able to determine the level of interest of leads based on their behaviors, you can segment those leads into different categories and send them different messages.

When you have an automated welcome messages sequence, it eliminates the manual job of trying to gauge the interest of each lead or dumping leads that are not ready to buy on the sales team. What a waste of time?

A welcome message sequence is the beginning of lead nurturing. The catch is that you just have to set it up and your email or marketing automation software will do the rest.

When ProdPad reduced their free trial period from 30 to 14 days, then to 7 days, it was seen as a counterintuitive move. But this move led to better conversions.

Furthermore, the trial period extended based on the usage patterns of the account user until 28 days.

Extend your trial

ProdPad separated users based on how they interacted with their service. The aim of each message sequence was to move every user to become very active.


These calculated moves doubled their conversions.

Email Conversation

3. Enhanced Delayed Conversion Rate

So you have a perfect website with compelling copy and a beautiful design. But you still find it difficult to convert your visitors into customers. This is usually because customers don’t purchase at the first time of their visit to your website.

In fact, according to DemandGen report, 47% of buyers read 3 to 5 pieces of content before they talk to a sales rep.

To increase your conversion rate, you need to follow up with your leads and customers. You can set an automation to send specific emails when a visitor visits specific pages on your website.

Increase Conversions

Since you’re sending messages based on their object of interest, they’re more likely to click through to your website. Likewise, you can send discounts and other offers based on their interests. These steps from your automation software will help to increase the conversion rate.

Because personalization plays an important role in customers’ buying decisions. In a study by Infosys, 59% of shoppers who have experienced personalization believe it has a noticeable influence on their purchases.

More so, 53% of online shoppers in another study believe that retailers who personalize their shopping experience provide a valuable service.

Online Shoppers

Opsview, a software company, decided to implement marketing automation to handle the leads coming from its website. The leads were separated based on those who wanted to use the free product and those who wanted the enterprise version.

Each group was sent customized messages. This led to a 30% increase in pre-qualified leads and bookings in the form of revenue increased by 178%.

4. Focusing on High Profile Leads

Even though you want to treat all your leads the same way, leads are not created equal. Some of them are high profile, while others are not.

Who are high-profile leads? High profile leads are people or businesses who are more likely to buy more products from you or make bigger subscriptions to your service. In other words, you’re more likely to make more profits from these leads than others.

But before you build a relationship with a high profile lead, you have to identify them first. How do you identify the people to focus on from your customer relationship management (CRM) software?

You may be happy that your sales rep are making many calls, but are they calling the leads that are likely to buy or wasting time and resources?

You can identify high profile leads through automatic lead scoring. This is done based on the title of your lead, the company they belong to, industry, income, their level of interest in your product, and other details of what a high-profile lead means for your business.

Lead Grading

In a study by Lenskold Group, 78% of highly-effective and efficient marketers says marketing automation systems improve their revenue from content marketing and 68% attribute lead scoring based on content and engagement as a contributor.

Revenue Drivers

When your marketing automation software identify these leads, it alerts your sales reps. to take necessary actions on these leads. This helps your sales reps. to focus more on leads that are more likely to buy from your business and in large quantities.

By using a qualification and scoring model to score leads, Vistage International boosted its lead conversion from 44% to over 60% in less than 10 months.

5. Track your Visitor Behavior

Many times, people tell you what they want but their actions will say something else. With the voluntary actions that your website visitors take, you have an accurate view of what they really want and how bad they want it.

Behavior Analysis

There are two major things you can track through your visitor’s behavior on your website. They are:

  • Level of interest: You can detect how much a visitor is interested in your product by their behavior on your website. For instance, a visitor who visits a product page three times is more interested than someone who has never viewed the page. A visitor who reads 4 posts about a product on your website and visits the product page is probably very interested in your product.
  • Product/services they’re interested in: Even though you may get the same level of interest from two visitors to your website, they may be interested in different products. Fortunately, with your marketing automation software, you can easily track what each of your contacts is interested in.

Tracking your site user’s behavior is vital to your success with automation. Because it helps to inform consequent actions to be taken on those contacts. You can set up tracking on important metrics like page views, time on site, product page visited, email click-throughs, etc.

With effective tracking, it becomes more effective to specify consequent actions to be taken on your CRM software like tagging, sending follow-up emails, or by your sales reps. like making calls.

With the use of visitor tracking and other strategies, Stephen Bateman was able to increase his website lead generation for an event.


6. Automation Information Flow or Syncing Data Flow Between Apps

When optimizing your business through automation, you could need to use many applications. 

For some businesses, they find themselves using an email automated marketing software, a social media automated software, a customer relationship management software, and other pieces of software.


According to a study by PwC, 3 out of 5 (61%) companies say the solution to reaching their strategic goals is collaborating more across functions, paired with faster decision making.

To manage your leads and customer information effectively, there should be a synchronization between these different platforms.

This way, there is a full view of all the information of a particular contact.

Furthermore, each department a lead passes through has the right information to serve these leads.


Many people think using automation in your business makes your business more robotic. But this is usually untrue.

Our automation experts at Bloominari have been helping businesses set up and improve their automation processes for the past 10 years. We’re based out of San Diego, California, and we service businesses in the U.S. and internationally.

When you implement automation in your business, it gives your employees the right information about their contacts which enables employees to be more human.

Furthermore, automation makes your business processes more efficient. When you implement the steps in this post, you’ll be able to sell more products to your leads and customers and improve their satisfaction levels.

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