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How to Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers: Get to Know Them by Asking the Right Questions

Online Surveys: The Fun Questionnaires Every Client Will Answer

So you’ve closed another sale, feels awesome right? Good for you!

Now that you’ve managed to convince someone to become your client and invest their hard-earned money with you, it’s time to deliver on your promise (Whatever you offered them). Once you’ve acquired a new customer, it is your job to continue to build earn their trust. To do so, you’ll have to learn more about your customer’s needs, challenges and goals; and to learn more about them you’ll have to do more work.

Getting to Know Your Clients

At our digital marketing agency in San Diego, every time we close a new deal, one of the first things we need to do is to learn more about who our client is, what their business does, and what they want to achieve while working with our team. There are various pre-sales and post-sales questions that we ask our clients over the phone or by e-mail, but there are others that we prefer that they answer over a short survey. The first survey or questionnaire that we ask our clients to complete is called a “branding brief”

If you want to increase the probability that your customers will be happy with your products or services, it’s in your interested that you learn as much as possible about who they are. When companies invest time in getting to know their clients, people take notice, they feel more appreciated, valued, and in turn are more likely to be long-term customers of your business.

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The Branding Brief Survey

Branding briefs are generally used to write down the specifications of a branding or graphic design project that a team will be working on. It provides details about the company, their brand, their products or services and many other technical details about the job at hand. At our agency, we use the branding brief document as a short 20 questions general survey to learn more about our client’s overall business, competitors, industry, main value propositions to their clients, and a few other things.

Questions You Can Ask Your Customers

If you’re interested in creating your own branding brief to collect information about your new customers, here’s a list of the questions we’ve included in our branding brief:

  1. What's your Name?
  2. What's your Email Address?
  3. Name of your Company or Brand:
  4. Company’s Mission, Vision, Objectives, and Values:
  5. Main Products & Services you offer:
  6. Who is your ideal Target Market/Audience?
  7. Why does your Market care/choose your products/services?
  8. The Key Value proposition (benefits) of your company and/or services:
  9. What does your company struggle with the most?
  10. What are your company's short-term goals (Within 1 year)?
  11. Please mention 3 concepts that define and describe your company
  12. What are your company’s growth projections in terms of market reach (local, national, etc)?
  13. Currently, in what geographical region are most of your sales happening?
  14. Do you have a preference for colors or color scheme we should use? Create a color palette at www.colourlovers.com or choose colors below. Let's start with your main color:
  15. Share with us two more colors
  16. Who are your competitors? Name 3 to 5 and include their websites:
  17. Please mention 3 brands or products that you look up to and why? (They don't have to be in your industry). Please include their websites:
  18. What feelings would you like to awaken in your client through your branding and marketing? What tone of voice and adjectives describe the feeling/approach?
  19. Do you have a logo? If yes, please upload it here
  20. Are there any visual elements, things, items, or concepts that you’d like to integrate as part of your branding and/or logo design? if yes, please tell us more

Improve The Way You Ask Questions

For over 4 years, we’ve always sent the previous set of questions as a Word document by email, but starting this 2018 our team decided to switch the format to make it easier (and maybe fun too) for our customers to answer our questions. Our company already uses over 25 online forms for our various web-related needs, but today we’re showcasing a new type of form. JotForm, our preferred online forms software introduced an awesome new feature for their software this week, they call them “JotForm Cards”. 

JotForm Cards forms introduce a new way to ask people questions or in JotForm’s words “Cards: The friendly way to ask”, in which only one question is shown at a time when filling out the form. No more scrolling down forever!

online jotforms cards friendly survey


This idea of one-question-at-a-time on online surveys isn’t new, as TypeForm has been using them for a couple of years, and is, in fact, the main feature which makes their forms unique and super user-friendly. I guess it was time that JotForm introduced similar forms format, and now they have!

JotForm Cards New Features

  • One question per page format, to improve respondent focus
  • A cool intro welcome page
  • Automatically all questions are mobile-friendly, just like on standard forms
  • Use of cool emojis on some question types.
  • Small web animations that interact with the user
  • A motivating progress bar that turns green as questions get answered

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Want to check out what it looks like? Watch a short intro video

Live Demo: Visit the Bloominari New Branding Brief

We believe that the best way to learn things is by doing, so we invite you to check out the new web-based Bloominari branding brief, featuring JotForm’s newest “Cards” format. You’ll notice how we’ve incorporated our logo in the welcome screen of the form, as well as our company’s branding colors. Even if you’re not one of our customers today, we invite you to fill out the form - you’ll get a copy of your answers by email once you complete it!

Enter Bloominari Branding Brief

beautiful brand brief online form

Have any suggestions on how we can improve our branding brief? We’d love to hear from you. We invite you to leave a comment, and we promise to answer each of them personally.

Want our team to design a beautiful online form for your business?

Reach out to our team, and we’ll get in touch with you. 

P.s. Our contact form is also a JotForm form, but this one is just a standard one.

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