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Seeds of Growth: Introducing Bloominari’s New Pricing Model

We’re happy and excited to introduce Bloominari’s new pricing model, which we’d like to call “Seeds of Growth”. As 2017 was coming to an end, and 2018 began, our team believed that we needed to use a new pricing model that would continue to align with our company’s mission to help our clients bloom online and provide transparency, while giving our team the ability to improve the use of our resources and efficiency to better serve our clients.

Instant Gratification

Today, we live in a world where we’re getting accustomed to getting things done faster: whether that’s finding the information we’re looking for, solutions to our problems, or receiving products we’re buying online within a couple of days or hours. Yet today, most businesses seeking pricing for marketing services still have to go through a complex and time consuming process in order to receive a quote or price approximation.

“Treat others as you’d like to be treated” is a quote that helped our founder decide to structure our company differently than most typical marketing agencies. He knew people today don’t like to have to go through the hassle of filling out long online forms, or have to wait for days or weeks to get an idea of what it will take to hire the services of a marketing company. For this reason, and to align with our company’s values of transparency, honesty and true desire to help our client’s business bloom, from day one we chose to publish the pricing of all of our services up-front on our website.

A Perfect Mix: Standardized + Customizable Services

Although we know and agree that not all marketing services can simply have a price assigned to them, as many services must be customized for each client’s needs, and having an understanding of a company and their goals is an important step to go through before providing a quote and proposal, we do still believe that providing pricing approximates, ranges or standard base pricing is something that all potential clients should have quick access to. Once a prospect shows genuine interest in specific services, more time can then be invested by our team to offer them a customized quote for a specific set of services.

In 2018, we believe that services should be easy to find, quote and purchase just like physical products we buy online every day. To help our customers with this ideal, our company continues to provide pricing for most of our services on our website. Yet as of today, we’ll do things a little different, so let me explain.

Seeds of Growth Model

Also known as the points-based pricing model, our new Seeds of Growth pricing is a new credits based model that is replacing our regular dollar-based pricing. Although this model is new for Bloominari, the actual pricing model isn’t new and has been used for over a decade by other marketing agencies.

The new pricing model is very simple to understand:

  1. Clients must first choose one of our standard Seeds bundles (also known as plans), which include a monthly number of Seeds - think of them as credits or points.
  2. Clients can then plant these Seeds by investing them on marketing services they already know they need, or
  3. Can choose to contact our team to develop a custom-made plan to meet their specific needs.

Points pricing and credits, our new seeds growth marketing plans

You might notice that all of our plans are now monthly plans, rather than one-time services, and that’s something that’s also new. This doesn’t mean that we won’t offer one-time services, but it does change the way in which one pays for these services.

Example: Our new website design plans, all of which are priced as a one-time fee, start at 25 Seeds. As you’ll notice, our most affordable Seeds bundles starts at 10 Seeds per month with a 3-month minimum commitment. This means that you’d get 10 Seeds per month, and by the end of the third month you would have accumulated 30 Seeds.

If you were interested in our Started web design plan, you would then invest 25 of those Seeds for developing the website, and would then have 5 additional Seeds you could plant (invest) on other services. You’d invest your first month’s 10 seeds during month 1 (Deposit), the other 10 during month 2, and so on. In this case, at the end of third month you could stop your Seeds bundle, or you could continue it and use your new monthly seeds for other design, marketing or web services.

Benefits of using Seeds

There are multiple benefits to using a credits-based system instead of standard dollars. Here’s are some of the reasons we’ve switched to this system:

  • Using Seeds, rather than dollars, our agency can focus on providing value to our clients, rather than focus on charging based on hours of work.
  • The number of Seeds assigned to each service, represents the value we believe that each of those services provides to our clients.
  • Seeds provide full transparency into our pricing structure, performance, deliverables and how we allocate our resources for working on your projects.
  • Providing a fixed number of Seeds per project is better for our clients, as the price doesn’t vary based on how our team uses their time, resources, and their overall effectiveness. Instead, we focus on the final deliverable for our clients - and it’s up to our team to work efficiently.   
  • Seeds help our team to standardize our services, which helps our team to better organize and implement the services we offer to our clients.
  • Many of the overhead costs of handling every project (Such as calls, emails, meetings, feedback, etc) is all built-in into our services Seeds-based pricing. This greatly benefits our clients, who don’t need to worry that the “Hourly work meter” is running.
  • Our team can focus on spending more time doing our client’s work, and less time on calculating and providing quotes for individual services.

Seeds Pricing

For the first version of our new Seeds of Growth model, each seed is worth $100. Thus, it is super easy to calculate what our services would costs in dollars, by simply looking at the published online prices in “Seeds”, and then multiplying by 100. For example, a social media marketing plan that’s 5 Seeds per month, represents an investment of $500/month.  Yet, it’s important to note that with our new pricing, there’s a minimum amount of Seeds you can purchase in order to work with our team. Please look at our pricing model here for more information.

The Origin of Seeds

Why are we calling them Seeds rather than credits or points? I’m pretty sure you had wonder this yourself, so let my share why we’re calling them seeds. The answer is simple: Our company’s name is Bloominari, which stems from the combination of the words “Blooming” and “Luminary”. Blooming is directly related to the concept of helping businesses bloom in the online word, while Luminary represents our team who inspires or influences others. Naturally, plants tend to bloom from Seeds, and Seeds - like marketing - take time in order to bear fruit or make flowers bloom. As part of our branding, Seeds is the perfect word to replace having to use the words credits or points.

Ready to Plant Your Seeds?

If you’re interested in helping your small business bloom in today’s Internet age, it’s time to plan the Seeds of your online marketing strategy. Contact our team and get started!

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