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How Survey Tools Can Build a Lead Generation Machine

Want to know what your customers want from you? Ask them.

If you want to grow your business, you’re going to have to cultivate leads. Generating new leads is difficult for many businesses, but you can make it easier for yourself using survey tools. Asking your audience what they want from you is a great way to devise a lead magnet, one of the most powerful tools you can use to convert leads to your brand.

Customer Experience First

More and more businesses are realizing how vital a “customer first” mentality is to success. Business is more competitive than ever, and consumers are more discerning in how they spend their time and their money. Relevance is crucial for making an impression on consumers today. The brands that do this best are always looking for new ways to connect with their target customers, and surveys play a crucial role in improving customer relationships.

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Improving Relationships

If you’ve made a purchase online recently, you more than likely received a follow up email asking about your experience or the quality of your products. Product reviews, like surveys, help you understand your customers’ feelings toward your brand and your goods and services. Leveraging this feedback to make better experiences will not go unnoticed. Consumers tend to prefer brands that acknowledge their customers and take their feedback seriously.

Think of ways you could ask your customers about their relationship to your brand. This could include:

  • Sending follow up emails after transactions. Ask customers about your website’s ease of use, design, and checkout process.
  • Asking for reviews. Google and many other sites curate reviews for search results, so asking your customers for reviews can help improve your visibility.
  • Rating their experiences. If a customer had any type of issue and had to speak to someone in your company directly, ask them about the interaction.
  • Encourage discussion on social media, and respond to followers personally. Platforms like Twitter can also be fantastic dispute resolution channels.

Everyone Loves Free Stuff

Once you’ve taken the time to get to know your customers’ preferences, crafting a lead magnet is a great way to show them you’re listening. A lead magnet is generally any type of freebie or incentive for taking the next step in engaging with a brand. This could be a download, a physical gift, or membership. If you’ve taken the time to better understand your customers, you should be able to come up with something that will get their attention and encourage more interaction with your brand.

The Lead Magnet Effect

Once your audience receives your lead magnet, they’ll be eager to share their experience with others. Additionally, improving your website’s performance and content according to customer input will undoubtedly boost your Google search result rankings. Actively responding to your survey results can boost various aspects of your digital marketing strategy and bolster your reputation among your customers.

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Lead Magnet

Personal recommendations are powerful, so leveraging your website, social media presence, survey tools, and lead magnets can spread like wildfire across social media. More potential leads will want to see what they’re friends are saying about your brand, and the lead magnet can be the last step in clinching those conversions.

Asking your customers what they want from you doesn’t have to be difficult. Think about your business model and consider any past feedback from customers, and then get creative with your surveys. This will help tremendously with designing your lead magnets and improving your customers’ experiences.

Looking for great lead quiz tools?

Check out the tools we've used Interact | SurveyAnyplace | ResponseSuite


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