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Top 10 Customer Service Automation Software

Customer support is the key aspect for both B2B and B2C companies. It doesn't matter the size of the business, without an effective customer service system in place, nothing else works.

Building a positive image in the customer's mind is the direct result of a good customer support — and you need the right software to power it.

If you want to continually keep your customers satisfied, then you need software tools that can make the journey easier. You simply want to automate the tasks as much as you can. Trust me, you really can't achieve significant results if you choose to do it manually.

That said, here are the top 10 customer service automation tools you can choose to make the task of customer service rewarding.

1. Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a powerful customer relationship management software that helps you manage three core aspects of your business:

  • Sales Enablement
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Service

It helps you set expectations for your support team and your customers through its service level agreement functionality. With this, your customers know what to expect and your sales team have goals to work toward.

Agile CRM helps you to make “thank you” notes and customized newsletters for your customers. It allows you to automate tweets and include them in multi-step campaigns that are common with workflows.

 Agile Customer Service Automation Software

Through Agile’s 360-degree contact view, you have all the information you need to add the right tags to customers. You can use these tags for advanced reports and automated sales and marketing campaigns.
You have real-time alerts and automated lead scoring to assist you in giving customers the best possible live service. With AgileCRM’s behavior-based segmentation, you can automatically send customers the information most suited to their interests.

Agile CRM

When customers are on your website and need to talk to you, this software platform also provides a user-friendly live chat.

It also provides you with call center capabilities that help your support team to manage their calls from within the same system. You can record calls, enter call notes, check call histories, automate voicemail drops, and more.

AgileCRM provides an all-in-one solution to solve most of the issues you have with your customers. It also provides a platform to serve your customers effectively at the right time they need your service.

When Joanna Jordan, founder of HarpBeat, found she couldn’t devote one-on-one attention to her clients and had too much manual administrative work, she turned to Agile CRM. She was able to serve her clients much better, and increase customer satisfaction.

2. HelpScout

You can use this HelpScout to automate customer’s requests based on urgency. This elevates their priority on the queue and ensures you meet their request before it’s too late.


For instance, you can tag words like shipping, wrong, change, order, or size to detect when there’s a problem with a customer’s order. This is urgent and you can rectify the issue before their order is shipped.

What if some of your customers complain about an aspect of your product? You can tag the customers who made the complaints and make sure they're notified when their complaints have been rectified.

This shows your customers that you care about them and they’ll share more issues with you in the future. According to research by New Voice Media, 53% of customers switch because they feel unappreciated.

53% of customers switch companies

With HelpScout customer service automation software, you can also save your replies and responses so that you can use them to address similar questions in the future.

When Craft Clubs, a gin subscription company, got a funding of £75,000, they knew they could no longer handle their orders manually as they planned to expand. They used HelpScout to handle their orders. It also helps them to cancel orders that are outside the UK.

Customer Service Automation Software

3. Groove

Groove is a simple but powerful online help desk software. With Groove, you can reach out to a customer when they repeatedly view your help documentation.


This action shows they're finding it impossible to solve the problems they have. When you reach out via email, you’ll be able to help this customer and retain him or her before they label your product as ‘bad’.

Groove Onboarding

You can use the customers’ interest data to send the right content to each customer. When customers sign up for your product or service, ask for what part they need most. You can send automated content and offers to them based on their interests.

When customers check one of your help content regularly, you can send more content to them about this issue.

Nathalie Lussier, co-founder of AmbitionAlly was able to reduce their support time by 10% when they used Groove.

4. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a CRM and collaboration software for teams. The biggest pro for Bitrix24 is that it offers most of its services free of charge. The only time you pay is if you need consultation and you consult a Bitrix24 partner.

You can have call center automation on this platform. It can help you track sources of your customers so that you can serve them better.


Bitrix24 gives you free unlimited records, 5GB online storage space, call center, quotes, and invoices. You can also have the mobile CRM on Android and iOS devices. And the interface is user-friendly as well.

5. Zendesk

With Zendesk customer service automation software, you can use a trigger to highlight tickets that have generated a set number of interactions. It means that when an issue is escalating or pulling too much attention, you're notified as it is brought to the top of the queue.

This helps you to anticipate big issues that affect many customers and start getting your solution prepared before it goes out of hand.

In an exclusive study by Zendesk, 40% of customers begin purchasing from a competitor because of their reputation for great customer service.

The Value of Customer Service

You can employ Zendesk for more customer feedback. You can use this platform for customer satisfaction surveys. This gives you an insight into your performance in customer support.

Zendesk also gives customers an option to reopen solved tickets. There is a 96-hour delay on a solved ticket before its status is changed to closed. This allows the customer to know whether or not their problems have really been solved.

Customer Service Automation

If there is a response to the ticket during the 96 hours, the ticket becomes opened. If there is no reply, the ticket is closed.

Ticket response

6. FieldAware

With FieldAware, a field management software, you can use the scheduler for timely job allocations and tracking service calls.

You can use it to track and monitor customer warranties, and service contracts. It allows you to use mobile devices to procure customer sign-offs.

You can use error-free work orders to drive cash flow. It's compatible with mobile which means you can get real-time information to service agents wherever they are.


FieldAware claims their customer service automation can help businesses to increase profitability by up to 32%.

7. GoToAssist

GoToAssist boasts of its robust end-to-end security measures which helps it to ensure privacy and integrity of their/your sensitive data.


It uses encrypted security tokens, complex password enforcement, and anomalous behavior monitoring to help prevent unauthorized access.

It helps to secure your customer's data using multiple levels of access control with passwords protected by the latest cryptographic technology.

GoToAssist claims that its users get as much as a 70% increase in customer satisfaction.

8. FocalScope

FocalScope is an email management live chat solution for companies.

FocalScope helps you to organize your team inbox. With its shared ticket email inbox, your agents can collaborate in solving cases. And you don’t have to fear that multiple agents will be responding to the same ticket — because the tool helps you to prevent that from ever happening.


Its agent collision alert eliminates duplicate work from two agents. After all, 32% of customers switch because they are fed up with speaking to multiple agents.

You can make a folder for your tickets and move tickets from one folder to another using the drag and drop feature.

This software also offers you threaded email conversations. This means you can have back-and-forth email messages under a single ticket id. Once the ticket is resolved, the email thread is removed from the inbox.

FocalScope allows you to set up smart email signatures. You can import your existing signature from Microsoft Outlook or create one in the software. This gives your email a professional look to the customers.

You can also set up personal email accounts and have agent-to-agent chats.

9. ConverSocial

ConverSocial enables you to have conversations with your customers through chat. Unlike traditional webchat where you can only chat with a customer on your website, this tool allows you to chat on both your website and on Messenger.


Being able to chat with your customers on Messenger opens your business to a bigger audience, and helps you communicate even better. More so, customers spend more time on Messenger than your website — which means they’re more accessible.

10. LiveChat

As the name suggests, LiveChat is a customer service automation tool that offers live chat to businesses. And of course, this live chat feature is integrated into websites.

There are many ways you can use it.

If customers have been checking a page repeatedly, it could mean they can’t find what they're looking for or they’re super-excited about the page because of the tremendous value it offers.

With LiveChat tool, you can set a trigger to start a live chat when a customer has checked a page for a specific number of times.

Custom Chat to Purchase

According to eConsultancy, 94% of customers proactively invited to chat were somewhat or very satisfied with their live chat experience.

You can also use live chat to assist your customers through the buying process. According to a global survey by LivePerson, 83% of customers need live support for assistance while making a purchase.

Things to note

These software packages provide solutions to different aspects of customer service experience. Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing any choosing a customer service automation tool:

  • There should be an option to speak with a human agent.
  • Merge channels to avoid information silos as silos will prevent everyone in customer service having access to customer information. This could be an issue if the customer uses different channels to contact customer service.
  • Frequently test your software to see if it's up to date and still effective.
  • Ask for feedback. Are your customers satisfied with your customer service or they hate it? If they hate it, why? Is it not answering their questions correctly or it sounds robotic?

Does it make your customer service team more effective? This information will help you to adjust your customer service processes accordingly in order to meet customers’ needs.

Research by American Express revealed that 3 out of 5 Americans will switch to another company for better service.

3 out of 5 Americans


As Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh said, “customer service shouldn't just be a department, it should be the entire company.”

With customer service automation, every employee having contact with customers will have information about their previous interactions with your company.

Many companies have lost customers due to bad service. Your company shouldn't join the league. Stand out, make a difference, and grow your business with customer service automation.

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