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Upgrade, Enhance and Customize your Facebook Page

Woobox, 22Social and Agorapulse software comparison and review

Ever wonder if you could do more with your Facebook page? Make it look sleeker, different from the rest?  Could it be more fun for your audience, and help you generate leads in a more efficient way? Facebook Enhancement apps let you customize your Facebook page and enhance it, helping differentiate it, engage fans, integrate what you are doing on other social media platforms and maximize lead capture. These tools permit the creation of custom tabs, they help you run promotions such as contests, sweepstakes, deals and polls to engage customers, and even make sales directly from the page.

 Here, I am going to review three of these Facebook Enhancement Apps regarding customization ease, integrations, pricing, and analytics, with the goal of helping small and medium-sized businesses choose the one that will better fit their online marketing needs. Two of these, Woobox and Agorapulse, are well-known names. The third, 22Social is an up-and-coming company and one to watch for in 2016.

May10 Imagen 1. Woobox tabs


Woobox keeps wooing customers with its neat interface and easy setup, which is as simple as logging into your Facebook page.  It offers both promotional apps and acts as a social media management tool.

1. Integrations:

Woobox has direct integration with MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber and a real-time API  you can use to export data from your promotions your server. You can then pass that data along to your own CRM, mailing list, or any other database.

2. Social media integrations: 

Google +, Vine, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, and YouTube.

3. Promo apps:

There is a large variety of promo apps to choose from on Woobox:  

  •  Coupon
  • Quiz
  •  Sweepstakes
  •  Group Deal
  • Pinterest PinToWin
  •  Deal
  •  Instant Win
  •  Reward
  • Photo Contest
  • Leaderboard Contest
  • Video Contest
  • Bracket
  • Poll
  • Form

4. Customization

The interface is super-friendly. It practically takes you by the hand through all of the customization stages for the promo or poll of your choice.

It features a template with editable fields, stackable elements and allows uploading images from your computer, using a URL or auto-redirecting to an external URL.

If you want to go crazy (and you know how to), you can use HTML, CSS, and Javascript. All in all, it gives an excellent range of options to users with different degrees of expertise.


May10 Imagen 2

The system will allow you to customize any of these promos on an “Admin-Only mode.” This is a great test-driving tool. However, payment must be submitted to launch the promotion.

5. Pricing

The pricing equation is complicated for the uninitiated, with each package offering different caps on the number of participants, fans, and pages.


May10 Imagen 3 Woobox pricing

With the free version, you can add custom tabs to your Facebook page, create a “Fangate” tab, or pick a random winner from any of your posts when running a contest.

Tabs for Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are free.

The following features are only available with paid plans:

  • Mobile Version. Static Tabs and Pinterest for mobile users.
  • Prize Claim App. You´ll need this app to gather the contestant´s information

5. Analytics

Woobox tracks the performance of each promotion from visits through likes, shares, referrals, entries, and votes. You can follow the source of each entry by adding code as well.

6. Cool stuff  

  • With Woobox, you can target the most popular social channels and even multiple ones in a single promotion.
  • Regarding promo apps, we especially liked the Coupon, which lets you create a one-per-customer/one-per-email coupon, generate unique codes for your shopping cart, ask users to send an SMS to receive a link to the code, and track coupon usage. Visit: WooBox


22Social is an up and coming, San Diego-based company, which has gained enormous traction due to its clear emphasis on making Facebook pages profitable for users, ease of use and plain coolness. FB marketing experts such as Mari Smith swear by it.

1. Integrations:

The sheer number of integrations is quite impressive. It includes interactive media, auto-responders, and trackers. Take a look:

  • YouTube
  • Hangouts On Air
  • Constant Contact
  • Neucopia
  • Vimeo
  • Livestream
  • GetResponse
  • GVO
  • Wistia
  • Visitor Faces
  • BombBomb
  • AdRoll
  • FB Video
  • Stitcher
  • OfficeAutoPilot
  • Google Adwords
  • FB Photos
  • Google Video
  • 1ShoppingCart
  • Google Analytics
  • FB Comments
  • Google Slides
  • MailChimp
  • FB Remarketing Pixel
  • FB Posts
  • Google Forms
  • ResposeWise
  • PerfectAudience
  • Imgur Albums
  • Google Maps
  • Klick Mail
  • SiteScout
  • Embedded Images
  • AWeber
  • Sendreach
  • FB Conversion Pixel
  • Countdown Timer
  • InfusionSoft
  • iContact
  • Agile CRM

2. Promo Apps:

22Social calls their apps “Promo Pages”, and they are:

  • Showcase Promo Pages
  • Giveaway Promo Pages
  • Sweepstakes Promo Page
  • Hangout Promo Pages
  • Podcast Promo Pages
  • Digital Course Promo Pages

3. Customization:

22Social is serious when they talk about customizing your Facebook page.

See how different their page looks from a regular Facebook page:


May10 Imagen 4 22Social page

22Social´s Facebook page

Uploading media is tricky, however.  Facebook albums and Instagram hashtags can be uploaded, but if you wish to upload a single image you must first host it on a site such as Imgur.com, and then paste de URL. However, what 22Social lacks in this department, it certainly makes up for with the variety of templates, styles and graphic tools to play with. Tweak the fonts, colors and even the “mood” of the ad, and play with stackable components.


22Social facebook marketing platform

Example of 22Social Sweepstakes created with their template

4. Pricing  

All packages include 15 Apps Installs per Fan Page.

“Standard” Package:  $29/ month

Fan Page App Builder

  • Editable Templates, Layouts & Styles.
  • Embed Videos, Images, Live Hangouts, Podcasts, Social Widgets, etc.
  • Automatic Mobile OptimizedSocial Lead Capture
  • “Lead Gate” to Require Visitors to Login with FB to Access Your Content.
  • Referral Tracking   
  • Lead Manager & CRM Integrations.“Premium” Package:  $79/ month.

All of the previous features, plus:

PayPal Integration

  • “Pay Gate” to require visitors to pay with Paypal to access content
  • One-time payments with affiliate options
  • Monthly Subscription PaymentsFB Group Automation
  • Instant creation of Facebook groups with any 22SocialApp
  • Automatic Add/Removal of people from Group via SRM“Academy Package”   $149/month  

All of the previous features, plus:

  • Academy Access Pass. Live coaching and workshops  (4/ month), bonus training resources; you´ll belong to a “Private Mastermind Group” and can attend two networking parties a year (in person!)

“Done-For-You Setup”

This is the “boutique” option. For a fee starting at $2,500 a team of online marketing experts, designers and content strategists will implement the 22Social marketing system on your pages, providing a turn-key solution for businesses who want to benefit from the system, but don´t want to spend time or resources setting it up themselves.

5. Analytics

Built-in lead capture and tracking features let you evaluate the success of the  Promo Pages and track leads traffic to your website. You can set up an App Gate, which will block your Main Content until a visitor has logged into the App. Once the login is complete, they are automatically added to a lead management page, called “Social Relationships Manager” (SRM). From here, you can quickly set up retargeting with Adroll or integrate the data with your CRM. Cool stuff:

  • A very cool aspect of 22Social is that it is heavily invested in education –both in educating their customers and by providing them with tools to spread their knowledge and monetize it.   
  • You can install a payment option for audience members to access your videos, webinars, PDFs, and workshops.
  • Though the Sweepstake App is very popular for its lead generation capabilities and conversion potential, our favorite is the Hangout Promo Pages.
  • With these, you can host Google Hangouts right inside your page. Visitors must log in to access the event, giving you another opportunity to collect leads. Countdown timers and guest face sliders increase anticipation and add social proof. Real-time feedback and questions can be seen on Facebook´s comment stream. If you want to raise the excitement by involving several apps, you can reward attendees with giveaways and prizes.
  • For quick sales, link your buttons to your shopping cart or order page.

Visit 22Social


Boasting rave reviews by the likes of Jon Loomer and constant mentions in marketing industry blogs, Agorapulse seems to be the darling of online marketing professionals everywhere. Agorapulse  includes tools for moderation, analytics, publishing, competitions, and much more.

1. Integrations:

Lack of third party integrations is arguably Agorapulse´s weakest feature.

  • Social media integrations: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.   
  • There´s Canva for design, but no integration with e-mail marketing service providers.      
  • Agorapulse offers its own-built in CRM to manage and categorize visitors.

Imagen 6 agorapulse CRM

Agorapulse´s CRM2.

Promo Apps

Agorapulse provides seven contest/campaign applications:

  • Coupon app
  • Fan vote app
  • Instant win app
  • Personality test app
  • Photo contest app
  • Facebook Quiz app
  • Sweepstakes app

2. Customization

There are 15 “stylish” templates to personalize your campaign, and those were the least intuitive or easy to use from the three services we reviewed. I can only imagine that after a visitor exchanges their public profile, friend list and email address for a chance to participate in a contest, they would like to see  something a little more rewarding than the following graphic:


Imagen 7 Agorapulse sweepstakes

Agorapulse´s Sweepstakes template

Granted, HTML/CSS customization is available throughout every step, which makes Agorapulse a better fit for professional designers.

3. Agorapulse Pricing

There is a free, 15-day trial available, which I thoroughly recommend for understanding what Agorapulse can and cannot do. Paid packages go from $29/month to $199/month, for using on up to 20 profiles, depending on the package. Additional options are available by contacting AgoraPulse directly. Pricing designed for brands and agencies managing multiple pages can be as little as $10 per social media account.

Imagen 8 Agorapulse pricing

Agorapulse´s Pricing


The analytic capabilities and professional looking reports are hands-down the most attractive feature of Agorapulse.  All relevant data can be exported to a fully-customizable PowerPoint presentation with impressive graphics.  Agorapulse offers pretty profound insights regarding the audience´s engagement, ROI, brand awareness and performance of each post. Among other things, it can generate reports comparing your page´s performance with five other pages on one chart, or detailed comparisons with a particular competitor.  

Cool Stuff:

  • Agorapulse´s social media management capabilities are very popular with industry professionals, and the opportunity to have those on the same interface as promotional apps is very.
  • The ability to implement campaigns in 20 languages is a plus in our globalized economy. 
  • The Sweepstakes apps is very well designed. It boosts vitality with a “share” button and offers participants to double their chances if they invite friends. Moreover, it identifies cheaters and lets you ban them. You can limit access to the Sweepstakes by age and country.

Visit Agorapulse

Our Final Thoughts

As with everything else in life, your choice depends on what you are looking for.

Agorapulse is well suited for a social media marketers who do not depend on pre-made templates, and who can impress their clients with the sleek reports the system generates. Professionals like Agorapulse because it is a one-stop-shop for social media management, analytics, and promotions.

Agorapulse´s weakest part element its lack of integrations. It does not currently offer API integration with third-party email marketing service providers, and it needs to integrate LinkedIn GooglePlus quickly to stay current.

On the other hand, 22Social is a good choice for small business owners and professional marketers alike.

Inexperienced users can benefit from their sleek templates and ease of design while professionals will find real value in all of the third party implementations.  It is the service that actually delivers the most in terms of customization, transforming Facebook pages it into “mini-web pages”.

By integrating payment options directly on their Apps, they shorten the customer´s conversion path.

Woobox, is by far, the easiest, and more intuitive service to use. It is probably the most balanced as well since it also works as a social media management tool too. It offers a ton of fun promotional options and has strong analytic capabilities.  

There may be no point of using Woobox just to create Ads and post on Facebook.   However, if you plan on using promo apps, then you´ll love seeing all of your content in one location. 

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