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12 Ways To Save Time & Money. Part 1. Sales & Marketing Automation Ideas #MarketingFridays. Ep.14

Hello, welcome back to Marketing Friday's in episode 14.

Today we're going to be starting a series - a four-part series of 12 ways to save time and money in your sales and marketing tasks. So we're going to focus on three on each of these episodes. So these are going to be things that are going to show you how to do things faster by using software to learn more and be more efficient in your day to day job. So let's start with number one.

The first one, that's a very important one is the ability to sync your contacts usually from Google or the email that you use. A lot of people use Gmail or GSuite or Google Apps for work. The first thing that you want to do in order to save time is being able to synchronize all your Gmail contacts to be sent to your CRM. 

In this case we are using AgileCRM. So we have AgileCRM here shown on the background and this lets us actually directly connect to our Google account and sync the data. In this case, you are able to choose why do you want to sync from your contacts on Google. We have it set up in such a way so that all of our contacts are going to be all synced into agile and the frequency right now is once a day. 

Right now, if I wanted to actually do a sync manually, I simply click sync and anything that I saved from today in the morning till today will be synced into my CRM from my Google contacts. So I'm going to show you how it looks as an example. I actually clicked in my email - an email from digital marketer, I come in here, and put the mouse over the email, I click on contact info that actually saves it in to my contacts. Now that it's saved over here, yes I could wait till tonight and it will automatically do the synchronization but I can also do it manually. I click sync in here and then it's going to actually do a full sync as we speak. 

It takes a few moments depending on how many contacts you have that are being updated and then if I come here into the contacts and I refresh it, once the sync is done, it will definitely show up here that I now have a new contact with all of their information. In this case, I only put their first and last name, the title and the company name as well as the email, but if you create any notes, phone numbers, or anything else, it will also be showing up in here. 

So you see here, now it's right here, I have Ryan Deiss. I'm sure that's not his email obviously, that's the support email. But I have all the information here. It also automatically added two tags, in this case, the tag 'agile' and the tag 'Gmail contact' reminding me that this was actually imported from there. 

There's great benefits about agile but now I can see everything that this email address has sent me on the timeline. So that's number one, saving your Gmail contacts in to your CRM. That really helps you save a lot of time and there is a lot of great things you can do once you have things synchronizing automatically.

Number two is connecting with your email contacts on LinkedIn. This is a great Chrome extension called Rapportive that lets you see any email addresses that you have inside Gmail. It'll go and check LinkedIn and if that email address is saved on some contacts email, it will automatically show you on the right side on the sidebar that person's information and LinkedIn link and you can actually see, what is their title? Where do they work? 

If you're not already connected to them, you'll see a button that says 'invite to connect' and you can actually send them a message all through Gmail without having to go to LinkedIn. So this is great for sales purposes when you're actually trying to make sure, that whoever you're in touch with is real or not real or what they're actually doing in terms of what’s their title or what company they're on in case you're not sure, this would be a great tool to do so. You can usually see the name, title, company, all these things that are coming directly from LinkedIn. This is again called "Rapportive" and it is a free Chrome extension.

Finally number three; another thing that you can do is synchronize your new customers from your online store into your CRM as well. So in the example here, we're showing you just a screenshot that through Zapier you can connect for example BigCommerce.com, which is a very popular online store software. You can automatically make it so that every customer that comes into that store will automatically be added as a contact into the CRM through Zapier.

That's kind of it for this episode. Thank you so much and come back for three more ways you can save time with your sales and marketing. I'm Jaime from Bloominari

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