Our Marketing & Creative Process

Our marketing workflow was designed with creativity, efficiency and YOU in mind

At Bloominari, our team is passionate about understanding our clients’ unique situations and crafting custom marketing strategies to sustain growth. We are motivated by our desire to deliver outstanding services in a strategic, prompt and organized fashion. However, it takes time to develop a deep understanding of a business, its resources, market, target audience, goals and branding vision. So first, we must get into a client’s head.

In the same way that your business has chronological processes for how it delivers services, makes products and conducts sales, a business’s online presence is best developed by breaking it into pieces and optimizing each piece in a sensible order. That is why we have a marketing roadmap that guides our team and our clients from start to finish.

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Summary of General Workflow Phases

Basic steps we take to make businesses bloom

You sow the seeds, while we assist you with nurturing them into a blooming business. This layout of our five-phase strategy illustrates the steps we take to enhance a business’s online presence, optimize its SEO, engage the target audience, boost website traffic, increase conversions and grow its customer base.

5 Phases of Digital Marketing - San Diego Marketing Agency

Our Key Process Phases

Phase 1: Marketing Strategy Consulting
After getting in your head and understanding your market, we develop a comprehensive strength and opportunity assessment to craft strategies that will uniquely help your business achieve its objectives.

Phase 2: Creative Design and Branding
Our gifted designers take your vision and establish a creative direction that will captivate and resonate with your audience, while also establishing trust and authority.

Phase 3: Web Design and E-commerce
Your website is the foundation of your business’s online presence, so we work hard to design a sleek, SEO-friendly, responsive website that will serve as the online destination for your prospects.


Phase 4: Online Marketing
We offer complete packages of online marketing services that will consistently drive traffic to your website, engage the social media audience, create useful content and ultimately nurture and generate leads.

Phase 5: Technology Solutions and Automation
Based on your day-to-day workflow, we will recommend and install automated solutions that will help you increase efficiency with managing leads, customers, finances, emails, the website and other significant business operations.

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Tour the Bloominari Experience

Interested in knowing a step-by-step plan before you choose a marketing agency?

Need a complete overhaul of your business’s existing marketing strategies? The experts at Bloominari will work with you at your pace to craft and execute a year’s marketing plan that includes all necessary components, including design, content, social media, advertising and technology setup. 

  1. Initial client meeting to explore services and goals
  2. In-depth marketing consultation and analysis session
  3. Marketing team brainstorming and research to create an effective marketing plan or strategy development
  4. Brand design and creative direction configuration
  5. Content development and graphic design for marketing materials
  6. Website and/or E-commerce site development, coupled with strategic landing page design and SEO optimization
  7. Social media launch and digital advertisement campaign creation
  8. Inbound marketing plan commences, focusing on lead tracking, analysis and optimization
  9. Email marketing strategy development and setup
  10. Local marketing profiles
  11. CRM setup, customization and training
  12. Other marketing services to boost growth: video marketing, loyalty reward programs, mobile app development, custom technology solutions

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