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Synergy World, Inc.

Synergy World Inc has been in business for over 20 years and specializes in Gift & Loyalty processing. The company help merchants implement innovative programs that help attract new customers, increase customer loyalty, increase average tickets, and ultimately increase revenues.

Synergy wanted to celebrate it's 20 years in business by developing a brand new, exiting and 21st century modern and mobile-friendly website. Bloominiari helped them to transform their old "90's" looking website into a new design that showcases Synergy's innovation in gift and loyalty programs, as well as their up-to-date business practices. 

SelfieStation Events

SelfiStationEvents.com is the newest website for InstaPics, which through this site has focused on their service for renting their unique and cool social sharing photo booth - The Selfie Station - for special events.

The goal of this website was to attract people planning their weddings, corporate parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, and many other events in order to allow their guests to take fun and memorable photos during their event, while easily sharing them with everyone instantly through social media.

La Gran Royal

La Gran Royal is one of Mexico City's new and upcoming video marketing and production companies. It's owned by two young, hip and super talented young men who've successfully made some of their video gone viral on YouTube, with more than 4 million views on some of them.

The challenge of this project was to produce something totally unique, bold, colorful and out of the ordinary. Our web design team paid a lot of attention to detail to ensure that every bit of the new site was eye-catching, easy to use, and had a very cool feel to it. We hope you like it! 

Alternative Ballistics

Alternative Ballistics was looking for a modern, fresh and user friendly new website that would draw a visitor's attention right away to their life-saving product "The Alternative".

The new website now features large, crisp and clean looking images of the company's flagship product, newly created videos which explain how the product works, as well as a brand new news and press release section to feature the company's success stories around the world.

The design offers a mobile friendly design, bold new colors, and a much more eye-catching interface. 


The design for SelfieStationMiami.com, a project by InstaPics was fully developed from the ground up. 

This project, similar to SelfieStation.net, was mainly a UX and UI project, focused on driving more conversions on the websites. Conversions on this website is measured by the number of users who fill out the contact forms available in various parts of the site.

The goal of this website was to produce a corporate looking web design that would inform potential SelfieStation buyers of the benefits, features, and opportunities to earn additional incomes from the purchase of a SelfieStation kiosk.


Canopy is a new web-based portal that allows public radio stations to manage donation drives easily and efficiently. The website's functionality had already been developed, but the design and user interface was very basic and created by programmers, not website designers. Thus, it needed a fresh, new and attractive look.

Bloominari was then tasked with developing a creative, eye-catching new website design focused on an easy to understand user interface and an overall great user experience.

Not only did we re-design the existing pages with a whole new process of moving through the pages, but we also design a brand new "Drive Wizard" which guides users step-by-step on how to build a donations drive online.

The Accounting Firm

The Accounting Firm, based in El Cajon California, offers San Diego businesses with accounting, taxes and payroll services. After many years of neglecting their website, it was finally time to have a brand new image for their business so they reached out to Bloominari to create a brand new website.

The Bloominari team worked closely with The Accounting Firm staff in order to develop the graphics and content needed for the new website. The result was spectacular and the company is now very proud to show off their website. Checkout their website using the link below  

Kona's K9 Club

Kona's K9 Club offers dog walking and dog outdoor experiences for Northern San Diego residents. They reached out to Bloominari searching for a one-stop service for designing a new logo and website that would allow them to attract new customers, allow people to book online appointments, and to share images of their events with their community.

Bloominari took on the challenge and created a new logo, designed a new  sharp-looking website, integrated their Instagram account into their photo gallery and built an online reservations systems where customers could choose when to have their dog taken out for a stroll. Checkout their website using the link below  


NielCuBe is a small business in San Diego who needed a professional website to depict the high-end fashion brands it represents. Bloominari developed their website, integrated the company's Instagram photos inside the website's gallery, and created a portal that allows registered users to download all of NielCuBe's catalogs. NielCuBe represents Luxury and High-End Resort Wear, Beachwear, Swimwear, Footwear & Men's Wear.

Third Ear Engineering

Third Ear Engineering offers professional audio recording and editing services.

Bloominari designed the company's logo, and developed a website that was eye-catching, interactive, user friendly and which also showcased the company's audio editing portfolio.

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