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Georggin Law Logo

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Studio Dos

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La Reve

La Reve is a Real Estate Agency in San Diego, California.

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Third Ear Engineering

Third Ear Engineering offers professional audio recording and editing services.

Bloominari designed the company's logo, and developed a website that was eye-catching, interactive, user friendly and which also showcased the company's audio editing portfolio.

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Georggin Law

Georggin Law provided San Diego County residents with financial and credit advocacy services. In 2011 the company approached Bloominari asking for a complete new website design and development to replace their existing and low-quality do-it-yourself website.

Within just a few months, our creative team had sketched out a few ideas, proposed color combinations and branding elements and when approved began to build the website. The client was very happy with our work, but unfortunately went out of business due to financial hardships and other reasons. 

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Thursday, 19 December 2013 21:36

California Baking Company

California Baking Company (CBC) is one of the first bakeries in Southern California. Established in 1964, it serves hundreds of customers in San Diego and Los Angeles counties with its 28 bread delivery trucks.

Bloominari offered CBC small business consulting, marketing strategy and the development of their first website (this one). The website has helped CBC gain exposure to new customers, whom would have never found out about the company otherwise, nor taste its delicious breads.

Today, the website generates a constant flow of potential customers and has already helped CBC sign-up new paying customers.

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Viga Entertainment

Viga Entertainment provided local and long distance calling cards endorsed and branded with famous Latin singers and artists. The creation and existence of Viga Entertainment's website allowed the company to showcase itself as a professional and trusted organization, allowing it to sign various phone card endorsement deals with various popular media stars.

Bloominari developed not only the website, but also the company's logo, web content, graphics, social media accounts and marketing materials.

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