Value-Based Pricing

Bloominari has developed a proven online marketing system that offers complete transparency about planning, team organization, and use of resources. We never use billable hours on our services pricing structure. Your investment in our consultation and  marketing services is not linked to our level of efficiency. Your investments in our marketing includes strategic consultations, planned roadmaps of success, an a monthly customized implementation strategy. Every one of our services, includes a success guarantee to protect your investment with Bloominari. 

First Steps: Build a Plan and Marketing Engine

Stage 1: Plan Marketing RoadMap

Inbound marketing, the type of marketing we suggest to attract leads, requires careful planning based on your objectives. We start by analyzing your market, your ideal customers, your brand positioning and your business. Based on those factors, we develop strategies to address your gaps, and to leverage your strenghts. A RoadMap is an action-driven strategic plan documenting our recommended strategies, budget options and timing.


Situation Analysis

  • Evaluate Existing Marketing Performance
  • Understand Business Situation
  • Research Client's Target Market
  • Perform Brand's Competitive Analysis 

Establish Goals

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Establish Branding Strategy
  • Calculate Return-on-Investment (ROI)
  • Define buyer personas of ideal clients
  • Requirements for CRM Integration
  • Requirements for SumoMe Integration

Marketing Strategy

  • Define Website Requirements
  • Define Branding Collateral & Sales Tools
  • CRM & Marketing Automation Planning
  • Keyword Analysis and Planning
  • Define Editorial Content Plan

Stage 2: Build Marketing Blueprint Launchpad

Based on your individual requirements, the infrastructure for executing your digital marketing program is developed. Needs vary by customer, depending on their unique situation, budget and priorities. The following describes the most common initiatives our team designs and completes within the first two months of your marketing program.


Marketing Blueprint Setup

  • Integrate Target Market Personas
  • Setup and Customomize CRM
  • Build Complete Sales Conversion Funnels
  • Contacts Segmentation up to 1,000 people

Marketing Management Setup

  • Customize CRM Dashboards with KPIs
  • Revise Content Marketing Plan
  • Design and Develop Social Media Plan
  • Optimize Web Pages for SEO & Link Building
  • Develop Paid Advertising Campaigns
  • One 3-Part E-mail Conversion Funnel
  • Design E-mail Newsletter Templates

Growth Driven Website (Optional)

  • Develop Launchpad Website - 30-60 days
  • Create and Prioritize Feature Wishlist
  • Establish Monthly Growth Budget

Next Step: Implement Customized Marketing Blueprint

Stage 3: Marketing Plan Implementation & Execution

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