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Start selling online, we'll setup everything for you and train you to maintain it.

Local San Diego web designers to build your small business online store. Explore and compare our standard e-commerce packages online, or contact us for a custom quote.

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Start selling online, we'll setup everything for you and train you to maintain it.

E-Commerce Online Store Packages


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What are Seeds

Seeds are equivalent to credits or points. Seeds may be purchased as part of one of our marketing plans.

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Starting at
100 Seeds
One-time fee


Starting at
60 Seeds
One-time fee


Starting at
40 Seeds
One-time fee


Starting at
25 Seeds
One-time fee

Package Overview

Monthly Hosting & Cart Software  

Our first packages use our partner's BigCommerce cloud-based shopping cart.. This platform uses a combined hosting and software fee. Idea for smaller online stores.

For medium to large E-commerce stores we prefer to use the WooCommerce or Magento shopping cart. But we're open to whatever our clients prefer.

Magento Commerce
Hosting is about $10-15/month
WooCommerce Shopping Cart
Hosting is about $10-15/month
BigCommerce Shopping Cart
$29.95 -$79.95/month

Ability To Fully Customize Store's Functionality  

All could-based (hosted) E-commerce shopping carts, such as BigCommerce, allow only customization of the look and feel of the store, but not the built-in features and functionalities.

If you're interested in having the potential to customize your store in the future you'll need full access to edit the shopping cart software's code, as you can do with WooCommerce and Magento. Note: Customization not included, please contact us if you have any questions.

Full Web-Based Administration of Your Store  

Add/Edit products, photos, change text, edit store settings, etc.

Website Maintenance Training  

Includes one-on-one training sessions with a Bloominari web designer to teach you how to use the basic functionalities of your website. This includes editing your web pages, adding/deleting images, and other features.
As Needed One 2 Hour Session

Inventory Management  

 View your entire inventory at a glance and bulk update inventory levels to save time. Choose to display low stock levels on product pages, automatically disable purchasing when products are out of stock, and receive email notifications when stock is running low.
Domain Name (1 Year)
Email Accounts (5 E-mails) Included

Initial Products Created (Can Add More Later)  

Number of products our team will create in your online store's virtual inventory. Includes full product description and up to 3 photos per product.

An unlimited number of products may be added later by you (the owner) through the Admin panel or by our team for an additional fee.

250+ 150 100 50

Design & Customization

Store's Home Page Design  

Our professional web designers will design your store's homepage and incorporate modules such as a "Main Photo Slideshow", "Featured Products", "Categories sidebar", "New Products", etc.

Store's Graphic Design  

 We can create unique custom-made designs for your store, or customize an existing template to your specific preferences in order to save you time & money.

Custom, one-of-a-kind graphic design Choose from 100's of Premium Templates
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Choose from 100+ Basic Templates
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Customization of Your Store  

Standard customization includes integration of your logo, color preferences, font styles & layout design.
Fully custom-built design & customization Complete template customization Basic template customization

Full Online Store Setup  

Includes setting up secure payments processing for credit cards (Paypal, Google Checkout, & many more), shipping accounts integration (UPS, FedEx, or USPS), tax codes.
Revisions to template customization 5 3 2 1

Content & Graphics

Designed by our team

Royalty Free Images 

A picture is worth more than a 1000 words, and we use many of them to design and complement your website. Each package includes some images, but more may be purchased separately.
60 40 25 15

Standard Content Pages  

Includes homepage plus standard informational pages for About Us, Contact Us, Products, Services, Privacy Policy & Terms of Use. Cannot be replaced for other pages.
7 Standard Pages

Additional Content Pages 

Such as "Photo Gallery", "Services", "Store FAQs", etc.
8 6 4 2

Custom-Made Graphics  

Graphics may be designed for the homepage's slideshow area, monthly promotion, new products, etc. 
20 15 10 3

Product Categories Graphics  

Includes one introductory graphic per product category
12 6

Marketing & More


Promotions Page 

A page specifically designed to showcase your company's promotions, including the graphic design of your first promotion.

(3) (2) (1)

Coupons/Discount Rules  

Number of online coupons and/or discount rules created for special promotions.
12 6

Product Specific Features  

Gift wrap, free accessories, free shipping. 

Advanced Interactive Features  

Includes the creation of 1 Javascript and/or HTML5 page or module for better user interaction.

Website Lead Capturing For E-mail Marketing 

Design and setup of a lead capturing web form. This is a key component to transform anonymous web users into potential clients.

Simple Form = Capture Name & E-mail only. Standard Form= Capture up to 10 different fields. Advanced Form = Unlimited number of fields + Integration and sync of your form to your CRM (Contacts database)
Advanced Standard Standard Simple

Advanced Lead Capturing Tools 

The installation and setup of additional web tools to help you capture leads faster.

Includes: 1) Pop-up lead capturing form, 2) Website heat maps to track what your users are clicking on (and modify accordingly), and 3) Scrolling box, to ask your readers to sign-up to your email list once they reach the bottom of your page.

CRM Integration 

Setup for the ability to save your online form leads directly into your CRM (Customer Relationship Management System).

QuickBooks Integration  

 Setup for sharing your store's data with all editions of Intuit QuickBooks using Webgility. Additional fee for using Webgility not included 
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All E-commerce packages are custom built to our client's needs, the table shown above simply helps set the base price based on the store's design, content and customization features.