Gift, Loyalty & Reward Systems

Gift, Loyalty & Reward Systems

Keep your customers coming back to your store, by rewarding them for their loyalty and letthing them share their joy through gift cards!

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Custom Gifts or Rewards Cards
Synergy Custom Gift Cards
1,000 500 250 100 Generic Cards
Gift Card Carriers
Synergy Custom Gift Cards

1,000 500 250 100

1 Display Stand
Synergy Custom Gift Cards

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Custom Card Pricing Without Packages

Quantity 25,000 10,000 5,000 2,500 1,000 500
Cost Per Card* 0.27¢ 0.35¢ 0.45¢ 0.59¢ 0.69¢ 0.79¢

Our Monthly Gift, Loyalty & Word of Mouth Programs:

Integrate your POS (Point-of-sale) with our gift card system to easily accept payments through gift cards. Our monthly fee includes unlimited transactions without swiping fees. 

Additional Info

  • Price $25/month

Our rewards system easily integrates with your POS (Point-of-sale) to easily create and manage a rewards program. 

Additional Info

  • Price $25/month + 15 cents/swipe, or $100/Month Unlimited Transactions

Easily combine your gift card and loyalty rewards program with your POS (Point-of-sale), and easily track all your customer's activity. 

Additional Info

  • Price $45/month + 15 cents/swipe OR $125/month Unlimited Transactions

Combine the power of word-of-mouth with automated tracking of referrals, leads and customer activity through the use of printed and digital cards.

Additional Info

  • Price $25/month for 2 programs OR Fundraising - $25/mo per group