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Synergy World Gift & RewardsSynergy World, Inc. was founded in 1995 and specializes in Gift & Loyalty processing. It helps merchants implement innovative programs that help attract new customers, increase customer loyalty, increase average tickets, and ultimately increase revenues.

Are you giving your customers away to your reward company? Synergy together with Bloominari will help you build your customer database, track number of visits, spending and bring your customers in on demand.

With Synergy’s Reward Program you will:

  • Build a Customer Database [Synergy never sells or uses your customers info]
  • Know who your most valuable customers are
  • Let your customers that already love you promote your business and reward them for it
  • Bring your customers in on demand

Synergy World is a full service gift and reward processing company. Your customers will never call you to check their balance, inquire about missing points and more…leaving you to do what you do best and that is to run your business.


Keep Customers Coming Back!

Reward them for their loyalty and let them share the joy with gift cards!


Gift CardsGift Cards

Are you still using Paper Gift Certificates?

Why not get with the times and sell Gift Cards?

  • Replace Paper Gift Certificates
  • Prevent Fraudulent Activities
  • Detailed Card Use Reporting 
  • Virtual eGift Cards
  • Billboard in a Wallet
  • Hybrid Gift & Reward Cards available

Gift CardsReward Cards & Loyalty Programs

Creating Loyalty is the number one thing to do for your business.  

"Your customers are the foundation of your business". Knowing who they are, being able to connect with them and bringing them to your business on-demand is the key to your success. If a similar business opens up nearby and your customers flock there, you will be in control and will always be able to bring your customers back.

If you’re using classical punch cards, rewards based on your credit card purchases [e.g. Mogl, Rewards Network, etc.], then you are using the wrong reward program as you’re not capturing and keeping your client’s information but rather giving them away to those companies. The key to any reward program is to build your customer database and to get to know who your customers are, how often they’re coming in, how much they’re spending and to bring them in on demand.  It is 10x easier to bring your current customers in then to go looking for new customers.

Sample Reward Programs

Customized to suit your business

  • Rewards Loaded on Card: Customers earn 1 point for every $1.00 spent. e.g.When the customer reaches 100 points, $10 is loaded to their card
  • Rewards Printed on Sales Receipt: 25 points = Free Appetizer, 50 points = Free Entree
  • Instant Reward: "10% of the customer purchase is deducted from the bill for immediate reward or can be loaded on their reward account for their next visit"
  • Increasing Reward: Encourage more frequent visits. Customer get an increasing reward on every purchase  and can be set to a certain time frame and minimum purchase. e.g.Visit 1= 10%, Visit 2= 15%, Visit 3=20%

Automated E-mail Marketing

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  • Registration E-mails
  • Thank you E-mails
  • Rewards Received E-mails
  • Miss You E-mails

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  • Birthday E-mails
  • Anniversary E-mails
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Double Points Days
  • Electronic Coupons
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Loyalty Data

  • WHO is frequenting your business.
  • HOW OFTEN they frequent your business
  • HOW MUCH money they're spending

This is vital information that e-mail marketing, coupons or "paper punch" card programs can't provide.

rewardWord-of-Mouth Loyalty Programs

Do you like when your customers tell their friends, family and co-workers about your business?  Of course you do, but how do you get them to do that.  With Synergy, you can now encourage your customers to do the marketing for you and you can reward them for it. Synergy’s WOM is a fully automated program that encourages and tracks word-of-mouth. Let your existing customer who already love you do the promoting and marketing for you.

Word-of-Mouth Example:

  1. Link additional cards to the primary cardholder that he/she can give out to their friends, family or co-workers.
  2. Your customers can promote your business through Facebook, Twitter or E-mail by a simple one-click system telling all their friends about your business.
  3. Partner with a business or organization and promote your business to all their customers or members.

Additional Programs

  • Employee Incentives & Rewards
  • Fundraising Programs
  • Hotel & Concierge Programs

Promote your business in 3 easy steps!

  1. Our design team will design a custom gift/reward card and discuss promotion options.
  2. Your gift/reward card will be printed within 7-10 business days!
  3. Receive full training and support. Implement your Gift Card program within 30 days.

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