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Video Packages & Pricing

Sample Intro Explainer Video for a Small Business (Customer Outsourzia)


Sample Intro Video for a Small Business (Customer: Collexion)

Reasons to Create a Video Marketing Strategy

  • Video is where your customers spend their time.
  • Adds the "Wow" factor to your online marketing
  • Helps convey complex information more clearly
  • Grabs audience attention
  • Sets you apart from the crowd
  • Is shared easily and frequently.
  • Video is more likely to go viral
  • Branding: Allow you to further craft and shape your brand.
  • Multi-purpose use: Push your message through various online channels (YouTube, Web, Social Media)
  • Video allows for real-time feedback and interaction.
  • Generates increased interest & web traffic

Live Video Services & Features

  • Professional video recording and editing staff
  • Professional high quality audio equipment
  • Professional lighting equipment
  • Professional DSLR cameras and L series lenses
  • Motion graphics for lower thirds, intro/outro
  • Full video editing with revisions

Video Packages & Pricing