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A new healthy & organic restaurant

Fresh Break was a new restaurant concept in downtown Miami, Florida, that wanted to gain an intrigued (and hungry) following before its opening. But this wasn’t going to just be another restaurant. It became the first USDA certified organic “fast casual restaurant” in Florida, offering kaitai bowls as their signature dish - deconstructed sushi rolls with delicious sauces over rice or other grains.


How can Fresh Break open their doors with a bang?

The owners’ goal was to notify three different target audiences about the restaurant, get them signed up for Fresh Break emails and become regular customers. But before we could even get to that, we had to create an online presence for the restaurant. Primarily focused as a lunch destination, Fresh Break had a ton of competition in a busy downtown area, so it was important to carefully strategize a plan.

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Tantalizing offers for tasty lunches

Bloominari’s design team built Fresh Break a gorgeous responsive website. Then we promoted the unique restaurant on social media using Facebook advertisements and regular social media marketing, with some e-mail marketing thrown into the mix. Facebook ads are beneficial thanks to Facebook’s enormous user base and robust ad platform that allows us to pinpoint a very specific audience. The various ads we created drove traffic to a custom landing page we built. It directed visitors to sign up for Fresh Break’s email blasts by rewarding them with a coupon.

During the last two months of the campaign, we also included retargeting ads to remind previous visitors to sign up. Throughout the 6-month campaign, the Facebook page regularly highlighted interesting articles, company blog posts and drool-worthy pictures of Fresh Break’s plates, exciting more and more Miamians with every post.


Created a loyal following, brand recognition & 5-star reviews

After five months, Fresh Break had nearly 500 people subscribed to receive their marketing emails. When the restaurant opened, it was overwhelmed with customers bringing in coupons they received from signing up for emails. The Facebook ads maintained a healthy average click-through-rate around 1.4%, with some ads having a 2-3% CTR average per month. The conversion rate for the landing page ranged from 14% to 19% each month, which is excellent. The retargeting ads received a 2% conversion rate.

Their business page’s Facebook Likes grew at a rate of approximately 30% each month. By the end of the campaign, Fresh Break had a dozen Facebook and Yelp reviews, all with gleaming 5-star ratings, as well as tons of patrons. Fresh Break received these results with only spending $25 a day on Facebook ads. Each lead cost Fresh Break $8.15. Since their plates cost $12-$16 each, the cost per lead is good and low. Bloominari helped Fresh Break jump into the spotlight in a competitive downtown market. We effectively branded it as a unique, organic restaurant and gave it an enthusiastic social media following.

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