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An award-winning memory care facility

Sunshine Care is a community in the San Diego area that offers long-term, personalized care and therapy for seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. This retirement facility provides fun, innovative cognitive therapy activities for its residents and also uniquely offers four different memory care programs plus Horticultural and Intergenerational programs which ensures that every resident has as much comfort, independence and assistance as needed.


An elevated ad budget does not always mean elevated results

Hoping to broaden their reach, inform more people about their unique services and gain more residents, the community hired a marketing agency to create and run online ads. The Agency split Sunshine Care’s ads budget 50/50 for Google ads and Facebook ads without any quantitative reasoning. Google Analytics tools were not set up to track the success of the Google and Facebook ads - this was a crucial step that was missed. Sunshine Care’s owner was spending a few thousand dollars per month on the online ads, but did not see increased occupancy rates or any other positive results. The owner asked Bloominari for help without having to raise Sunshine Care’s ad budget.

Landing Page for Lead Generation Advertising Campaign
Sunshine Care Landing Page for Lead Generation Advertising Campaign
Sunshine Care Website


Strategic, results-driven changes

Bloominari’s skilled SEO, digital advertising and website design professionals assisted Sunshine Care with a wide range of services that provided the real results the owner was searching for. We optimized the client’s website for SEO and user experience (UX), which made the website more attractive and pushes website visitors to convert. The website’s Book A Tour page was completely redesigned to increase conversions. Call to action buttons were added to every web page. The SEO improvements that were implemented by Bloominari make the website run faster and help it show up for pertinent search engine results.

After an extensive PPC ad analysis on Sunshine Care’s previous digital advertising campaigns, we created new ads, split the ad spend to 70% Google and 30% Facebook and set up goals in Google Analytics, which ensures conversions are tracked correctly, as well as provide data on which ads perform well versus ads that don’t. Bloominari also crafted a new landing page for the online ads, which increased conversions. Other services provided include SEO research and extensive competitor research.


Increased occupancy rate by 20%

The Sunshine Care owner said that after our work was completed, the facility has continued to receive twice as many new move-ins per month compared to previous months. Before Bloominari, the community’s occupancy was at 76% and now it is at 96%, which is a 20% increase. The owner is extremely pleased with our work, as well as the improvements to the website, which make it nicer to look at, easier to use and increases conversions. We were happy to magnify the reach of this special community, so that it can improve more and more seniors’ quality of life.

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Sunshine Care Book a tour page

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